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When all the doors are closed, you will find SugarMoney’s door open.
Get a wide variety of services covering loans, deposits, investments, & wealth management and achieve financial superiority. Our services include

  1. Working Capital Loans
  2. MSME Loans
  3. Fixed Deposits
  4. Real Estate Investments

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Why Do People Choose Us?

With more than 25 years of experience, we can help you to settle all your problems regarding personal loans.

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Lower Interest Rates and Charges

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Service that Fit Your Financial Needs

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We know the value of customer reviews and also know that nothing highlights more than objective data on how reviews are used and how they impact business.


Other Service FAQs

Have any queries? Read these questions to clear all your doubts regarding our financial services.

We serve wealth management services like Fixed Deposits, MSME Loans, Working Capital Loans, Real-estate Loans

We promote all growth oriented investments by which you can achieve a financial growth & superiority over conventional methods or institutions

Yes, you can become a joint-holder with anyone you trust, either family, business partner, or a friend

Any individual person or a business group seeking high returns & financial security should approach us

There is no limit to this, you can open an FD with as minimum as Rs 10,000 & could invest in a real-estate project of Rs. 30 Crore

For FDs there is a limit of up to 7 years or as per the guidelines of RBI, for the rest, we can develop a customized plan for you

This depends upon partner to partner, you can always inquire about them from the customer service team

There charges are competitive & can be inquired from the customer service team

All Leading Bank and multiple financial institutions are our trusted partners to serve


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